Welcome to Samsoft

We are a technology company, specifically a cyber Security, software development and social media company, we’ve developed many different software, the most notable being the fastest Antivirus in the world and the first social media to truly respect your privacy

Our Products

Samsoft Security

Samsoft Security is the fastest Antivirus software, It has an amazingly fast scanning engine, Vault and more.


SamoChat was made to combat the global privacy issues faced by social media users while providing an open network to gain friends, which makes it the first social media to truly respect and guard your privacy

F++ is a simple and easy C++ like programming language designed for C haters because of F++’s simplicity, it’s also the first African Programming language

F.A.I.S is a Personal Assistant, It has many features among them are: it tells you about a city/country you ask for, tells you about a definition you ask for, Google/Youtube Search Integration and MUCH MORE. It’s also the First AI system to be developed in Africa

Simple English to Arabic translator app, tap on the microphone and start socializing.

SmartyCam is an AI-powered camera app

About Us

Samsoft is a software development, cyber security and social media company headquartered in Denmark. We aim to protect everyone’s data and privacy through our Antivirus and Social media on the other hand we aim to deliver innovative technology to everyone, everywhere.

You can find us at




Søborg, Denmark

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